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I’m looking forward to presenting my poster at the World Conference on Online Learning. The poster builds upon Chickering and Erhmann’s 1996 essay titled “Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as a Lever” which encouraged educators to employ technology in ways consistent with the seven principles of good practice. The seven principles are still very relevant today, and the poster highlights 21st century technologies that can be used to leverage these research-based principles of good practice. Check out my poster here!


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  1. […] Does this sound familiar? Many higher education administrators and faculty members are still very ignorant about online and hybrid education. Universities need a strategic plan for online education so cases like these are not so common. Tony Bates is a well known leader in online teaching and administration. You can learn more about online learning from Dr. Bates by following his blog or by reading his free, open textbook, Teaching in a Digital Age. I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Bates and attend one of his sessions at the 2017 World Conference on Online Learning.  […]

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