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Games Based Learning MOOC starts soon!

The third iteration of the Games MOOC begins on March 18 and runs until April 22, 2013.

Games MOOC ScreenshotThe theme is “Build the Game“ using Apps, AR and ARGs. The focus will be creating a game or gaming project for your course. Please join us and invite your colleagues! The Games MOOC Spring 2013 signup is now open!


The weekly topics will look something like this. (Adjustments are possible)

Week 1 Intro to the Course and Topics
Week 2 Apps and Mobile Possibilities
Week 3 Augmented Reality and Interactive Fiction
Week 4 Mysteries, Puzzles and Scavenger Hunts
Week 5 Narrative and Storyboarding
Week 6 Creating the Clues & Playing the Game

If you want any additional information or have any questions, please contact Kae Novak at 303-404-5470 or email kae.novak@frontrange.edu.  As always – Lurkers Welcome!