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Kathy Keairns is the Director of Web-Based Learning in the Office of Teaching & Learning at the University of Denver (DU). She created and facilitated the online Teaching Online Workshop for many years which is an intensive faculty development workshop that is required before instructors can teach online at DU.  Kathy is Sloan-C certified in online teaching and has been a reviewer and a Director of Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Program.

Kathy is the university’s Quality Matters (QM) institutional representative and is a certified QM Peer Reviewer. She is a long-time member and former co-chair of the e-Learning Consortium of Colorado, an organization devoted to the enhancement of learning opportunities through distance learning.

Kathy attended the University of Iowa and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Denver in 1996 with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Business. She received an MA in Digital Media Studies from the University of Denver in 2003. Her thesis project topic was “Distance Education.”

Contact Kathy via email at kkeairns@gmail.com or kkeairns@du.edu.

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