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edcMOOC Blog

I’ve decided to create a new blog dedicated specifically to the EDC MOOC.


I’ll reserve the @kkeairns blog for sharing posts about online learning and emerging technologies.


Bendito Machine III

This is a video posted in Week 1 of the #edcmooc. Very impressive animation & visual & audio effects. Reminds me of people who are obsessed with the latest & greatest gadgets and technologies even when their old tech or gadget works perfectly fine.Did someone say Apple?

How Online Learning is Becoming Learning

The author if this chapter entitled “The Post-Modality Era: How Online Learning is Becoming Learning” makes a great point. Today, some universities limit the number of online courses traditional students are allowed to take and use different tuition models and admissions standards based on the delivery method but this is changing.  In the future, Blended/Hybrid, Online, and F2F will be ubiquitous on college campuses and students can choose the mode that of learning that suits them best.


History of Distance Learning Infograph

EDC MOOC Google+ site

Link to the pre-course google plus site:


25 MOOC Tips

One of the EDC MOOC participants (@livvyfox) shared this excellent resource called “25 Tips to Make the Most of a MOOC.” Here are some of the tips I’m already using:

  • 6) Don’t Get Overwhelmed – I’ve decided not to get too involved in all of the pre-course social media sites which are already very active and the class hasn’t even started yet!
  • 7) Don’t Be Overwhelming – Excellent tip, I will try to remember this one.
  • 12) Set Up Your OWN Blog – This is it!
  • 18) Get Oriented Early On – I’m trying…

EdTechTools Wiki

I’ve been tracking Web 2.0 tools for the past several years on my Educational Technology Tools wiki and via Twitter @EdTechTools.

Wordle is a FREE tool for creating “word clouds.” Below is the word cloud I created for my Educational Technology Tools wiki.

Tech Tools Word Cloud


The E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC doesn’t begin for another week but there is already a lot of activity in the course.  Many of the participants in this class have already set up several social media sites and have started tweeting about the class.  This is the 3rd MOOC I’ve taken and the first hosted on Coursera.

Both of the other MOOCs I participated in were hosted on Blackboard’s Coursesites.  The first was Curt Bonk’s “Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success” and the 2nd was “Designing an Exemplary Course.” Unfortunately I didn’t complete either of these MOOCs.  I’m a bit skeptical and wonder if MOOCs are just a passing fad but I hope to complete the EDC MOOC so I can get a better sense of the full MOOC experience.

Check out some of the activity about this course on Twitter #EDCMOOC. You can find me on Twitter @kkeairns.