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Welcome to my eLearning Blog!  My name is Kathy Keairns and I created this blog to share information about Web 2.0 Tools, Quality Course Design, Educational Technology and Online/Distance Education. I try to post one or two items to this blog each month.

My eLearning blog was originally set-up to chronicle my experience in the “E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC.”  A MOOC is a “Massively Open Online Course” and they were “all the rage” in higher education in 2011-2012.  The EDC MOOC was the first MOOC I had taken from Coursera and the only one I completed. Up until the EDC MOOC, I’d lurked or visited several MOOCs but didn’t complete the requirements to receive a certificate or badge.  I decided to create a separate blog called, Kathy edcMOOC, to journal about my experiences in that MOOC.

Check out my Educational Technology Tools wiki, follow me on twitter @kkeairns.

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