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I just attended the CHLOE 3: Behind the Numbers webinar which was the third in a series of webinars based on a survey of chief online officers from all sectors of U.S. higher education. The webinar was presented by Richard Garrett, Eduventures Chief Research Officer, ACT | NRCCUA and Ronald Legon, Executive Director Emeritus, Quality Matters, and discussed enrollment trends, the typical structure of online courses, institutional governance practices for online programs, and analysis of online quality assurance as a process.

Participate in the CHLOE 4 survey

The CHLOE 4 annual survey will be distributed soon. Contact Barbara Burch at bburch@qualitymatters.org to confirm that it will be sent to your institution’s Director of Online Learning or Chief Online Officer (COO). Expanded topics in the CHLOE 4 survey will include:

  • Pros and cons of centralized vs. distributed support functions
  • Preparing faculty to teach online
  • Relationship between the COO and other senior administrators
  • Update findings on the use of online program managers (OPMs)

Check out a recording one of the earlier CHLOE 3 webinars below.

CHLOE 3 Highlights Webinar

Please make sure your institution will be represented in the CHLOE 4 survey.

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