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Participate in the 2014 Blackboard Catalyst Awards! #BbECP

The 2014 Blackboard Catalyst Awards are open for submissions through February 17, 2014! There are several ways to participate in this excellent professional development program. You can nominate yourself, a peer, or a team in any of these four award categories: Exemplary Course, Innovation, Staff Development, and Student Impact or you can participate as a volunteer course reviewer.

In 2012, the University of Denver (DU) was honored to receive the Staff Development Catalyst Award for our Teaching Online Workshop (TOW) course and in 2011, DU’s Mike Keables was the recipient of an Exemplary Course Award.  This year I’m very excited to serve as an ECP Director.

The Exemplary Course Program (ECP) honors those whose courses demonstrate best practices in four major areas: Course Design, Interaction & Collaboration, Assessment and Learner Support.

By submitting your course, you will have the opportunity to:
•    Reflect on your own course design through a self-evaluation of your course and gain new perspective and insights
•    Receive detailed feedback on your own course development including best practices and areas for improvement
•    Apply lessons learned from the Exemplary Course Rubric to your own courses or those you are helping to develop
•    Gain professional development experience and recognition for your accomplishments and participation

If you don’t’ want to submit a course, consider becoming a volunteer course reviewer to:
•    Explore in-depth a variety of different online courses and get ideas and inspiration for your own online courses
•    Apply lessons learned from the Exemplary Course Rubric to your own courses or those you are helping to develop
•    Share your knowledge and experience with others by providing feedback on their course designs

If you have any questions about the program, please send an email to community@blackboard.com. For information on the Catalyst Awards categories, please visit blackboard.com/catalyst.


The E-Learning and Digital Cultures MOOC doesn’t begin for another week but there is already a lot of activity in the course.  Many of the participants in this class have already set up several social media sites and have started tweeting about the class.  This is the 3rd MOOC I’ve taken and the first hosted on Coursera.

Both of the other MOOCs I participated in were hosted on Blackboard’s Coursesites.  The first was Curt Bonk’s “Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success” and the 2nd was “Designing an Exemplary Course.” Unfortunately I didn’t complete either of these MOOCs.  I’m a bit skeptical and wonder if MOOCs are just a passing fad but I hope to complete the EDC MOOC so I can get a better sense of the full MOOC experience.

Check out some of the activity about this course on Twitter #EDCMOOC. You can find me on Twitter @kkeairns.