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“It is impossible to redesign students to fit into a system, but we can re-design a system for students. This can be the difference between success or failure for our students that need the promise of higher education the most.”

—Joseph South, Director, Office of Educational Technology

The above quote is from “Reimagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education,” the higher education supplement to the National Education Technology Plan (NETP).  Just like the K-12 NETP, Future Ready Learning, the higher education supplement is backed by research. The supplement includes real-world examples, case studies, and actionable recommendations about the role of technology in higher education.

The report examines the changing nature of students in higher education and recommends a new “student-centered higher education ecosystem.”  According to the engaging and empowering learning through technology section, technology provides an opportunity to improve teaching practice and not merely broaden the reach of existing courses. Recommendations for engaging and empowering learning through technology include:

  • Promote Excellence in Teaching
  • Use Technology to Transform Teaching
  • Develop Collaborative Practice of Teaching

This supplement is a “must read” for faculty, administrators, researchers, course designers, policy makers, and other higher education stakeholders.

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