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Competency Based Education is a major buzzword in higher education news this year and I was a little confused about how CBE is applied in higher education.  According to Wikipedia, “competency-based learning is an approach to teaching and learning more often used in learning concrete skills than abstract learning. Rather than a course or a module every individual skill/learning outcome, known as a competency, is one single unit. Learners work on one competency at a time, which is likely a small component of a larger learning goal. The student is evaluated on the individual competency, and only once they have mastered it do they move on to others. “ Two higher education institutions often referenced in conversations about CBE are Western Governor’s University (WGU) and the University of Southern New Hampshire.

WCET hosted an excellent webcast recently that really helped me better understand CBE in higher education. View the recording of the “Big Audacious Conversation About Competency-Based Education” below if you would like to learn more about CBE from two CBE experts, Mary Alice McCarthy from the New American Foundation, and Linda Howdyshell from Broward College.

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