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WCET is introducing a new series for its members that includes:

  • Talking Points
  • Lessons Learned
  • Q&A

They are “crowd-sourcing” the draft of their first Talking Point which is titled, “A Simple Guide to Navigating the MOOC Muddle.”  According to WCET, this guide can be a useful resource “for when your administrators, deans, faculty, board members ask “Should our institution offer a MOOC?” And I agree – the document includes all of the important questions to consider when thinking about joining the MOOC craze. The talking points document includes questions like:

  • Why does the institution want to offer a MOOC?
  • Will these MOOCs be delivered out of academic departments or another division of the institution?
  • How will success and failure of a MOOC be measured?
  • How are we going to pay for it (Course design, course delivery, technical support, marketing)?
  • How will we validate learning?
  • And many other thoughtful questions to consider when deciding whether or not to offer a MOOC…

Kudos for WCET for putting together this great resource! I look forward to when the final version will be available (very soon I hope).

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