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Stop Polarizing the MOOCs debate is an excellent article from University World News. The article provided a wonderful and balanced summary about both sides of this debate.  BTW – I found a link to this article in one of the final project’s of one of my peer’s in the eLearning and Digital Cultures MOOC I just completed.

Below are a few excerpts from article:

  • Has anyone else noticed that the tone of the conversation has now shifted from “is college worth it?” to “how can we make necessary, important, invaluable learning available to the widest number of people for the lowest cost?” I certainly have.
  • If anything, MOOCs illuminate the terrible economic disparities of higher education (worldwide) by offering a cheap, massive alternative – not to those sitting in the classrooms of tenured professors, but for those who have no opportunity to be in those classes.

Personally, I think MOOCs are here to stay but I don’t think they are a threat to traditional higher education and I love the notion that they offer more people access to education.

Other MOOC News this Week:

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