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Is online education improving quality for all education?

Interesting presentation titled the “Seven Futures of American Education.” The Sixth Future predicts that the 2nd era (the 1st era is access) of online education is improving quality – not just for online education, but for all education. I hope that the Sixth Future is realized and “Education Improves” because some of the other scenarios are more dystopian. My experience has been that when you ensure the quality of online education, traditional education also improves. This shift to quality assurance is long overdue in higher education. We need to demand that in addition to being content experts in their fields, ALL higher education faculty members are certified to teach, just like our K-12 instructors. I believe that online education has and will continue to be the main driver for improving the quality of teaching in higher education.

This presentation is based on John Sener’s book “The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World.” The Seven Futures posits that we can improve education by “cyberizing” it which means we can use emerging technologies to improve educational quality.

eLearning Consortium Conference Registration Deadlines Approaching

The group discount for hotel rooms for the eLearning Consortium of Colorado’s (eLCC) annual conference ends on March 10th so if you plan to attend this AWESOME eLearning conference, register and reserve your room by March 10th.  The early bird deadline for registering for the conference is March 15th!  


This year’s schedule isn’t posted yet but you can find last year’s schedule below and as always, there are some wonderful presentations scheduled again this year!

Click to access eLCC2012program-web.pdf

Colleges form consortium to offer online courses

I think the model described in this Wired Campus Blog post, 10 Highly Selective Colleges Form Consortium to Offer Online Courses makes a lot of sense.  Students already attending one of the institutions in the consortium will be able to select from a wider range of courses and class sizes will be limited to 20 students.  The article notes that the online classes might especially benefit students who are studying abroad.  In my opinion, consortiums like this involving multiple online courses from multiple institutions will only continue to grow. The universities involved in this consortium are partnering with 2U, an educational technology start-up that provides universities with the technologies and infrastructural support for converting their on-campus programs into online programs.

ELI Annual Meeting Resources

Educause Learning Initiative’s (ELI) annual meeting is in Denver this week (Feb 4-6, 2013).  Below are some of the resources from the meeting.

Digital Poster Gallery (Tuesday)

ELI 2013: Online Educators’ Lessons Learned

Educause Event Planning Kit

2012 Horizon Report

How Online Learning is Becoming Learning

The author if this chapter entitled “The Post-Modality Era: How Online Learning is Becoming Learning” makes a great point. Today, some universities limit the number of online courses traditional students are allowed to take and use different tuition models and admissions standards based on the delivery method but this is changing.  In the future, Blended/Hybrid, Online, and F2F will be ubiquitous on college campuses and students can choose the mode that of learning that suits them best.